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Borobudur is a temple of Buddha located in Borobudur , Magelang , Central Java , Indonesia . The location of the temple is approximately 100 km to the southwest of Semarang , 86 km to the west of Surakarta , and 40 km northwest of Yogyakarta . The temple-shaped stupa was founded by the followers of the religion of Mahayana Buddhism around the year 800 AD during the reign of dynasty Sailendra . Borobudur is the largest Buddhist temple or shrine in the world, H [1] [2] and one of the largest Buddhist monument in the world. [3]

This monument consists of six terraces squares on which there are three courtyards circular, the walls adorned with 2,672 panels relief and originally there were 504 statues of Buddha . [4] Borobudur has a collection of reliefs of Buddha most complete in the world. [3] The main stupa is the largest teletak in the middle once crowned this building, surrounded by three rows of circular 72 perforated stupas in which there is a statue of buddha sitting cross-legged in the lotus position perfectly with mudra (hand gesture) Dharmachakra mudra (turning the wheel of dharma). http://makelarmp3.biz

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